Yanai LTD is an Israeli electrical engineering company, founded in 1956 and become one of the largest engineering companies in Israel. Since founded the company Managed and implemented Thousands of projects in the fields of electricity Infrastructure, Industrial plants, power plants and more.

Yanai's character of available services is:

Design, Design build, Design review, Local regulations design compatibility approval, Supervision

The company employs a technical staff of 85 people of which 30 are Certified Engineers.

The company comprises three brunches: Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beer-Sheva. The company Owned by three partners: Emanuel Marynko, Amnon Shahak-Shostak and Dary Yalon.

Yanai serves customers from all over Israel as well as from many other countries including worldwide known international companies like: Sargent & Lundy, Intel, Alstom, Crawford & Russell, ABB, Cannon, Siemens, US Army Engineering Corps, CH2M/HPA, Skidmore, IEG, Parsons Brinkerhoff, MW, S.O.M., Veolia, CDM, Abengoa

SEAGON is a subsidiary company of Yanai Engineering Ltd. smart Energy And Grid Solutions (SEAGON) attends to the total energy needs including energy savings and management solutions for utilities and large-scale industrial and commercial consumers all over the world.

Yanai's is worldwide active in many countries: USA, Russia, Spain, Rwanda, Cyprus, Brazil, Haiti, Poland, Turkmenistan, Panama, Trinidad, Botswana, Romania, Kazakhstan, India, Guinea

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